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Originally Posted by jimmy77611 View Post
Awesome flying heli. I've got mine down to 340 grams from it's original 376, and I can tell a huge difference.

I have the DS76t on the tail (works WAY better than stock too), x-canopy (weighs less than stock), talon 25 (got rid of BEC/extra wiring)

I may look into those DS76 cyclic servos.

How much collective pitch are you running?
Thanks, damn what a difference, I'm finally happy with this bird after almost putting it on the classifieds.
I run +-11.5, bogs less and tail holds better at lower collective and 100% throttle I've found.

I've got the Talon 25 for my x2, after finally programming it on Friday I never got around to installing it this weekend because I was working on the 250.
I CAN'T WAIT for the Talon 15 to be released, it will be around 10 grams with connectors, and at least this time the software will be ready to go.

What is this X canopy you speak of?
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