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Originally Posted by chardur View Post
bmc76 I thought you were just being nit-picky but after seeing that video...holy sh#t!

Does any one know the weight difference between the plastic "250 Plus" canopy and the DFC fiberglass one?
Yup Totally different machine.

Before, let's say you just went into a normal climb, then moved to midstick to descend, when you reach your desired altitiude and move up on the stick, there was that big deadzone where nothing would happen, it just kept falling, then all of the sudden catches and catipults, I did so many hard skid bounces... and what really made me not enjoy it was I had to really change the way I flew this bird compared to my other helis, needed more altitude and real estate just to compensate for this behavior, because it happened in circuits as well.

I also notice the cyclic twitches are gone on hard pitch changes and I think this can be seen in the video, also it has a bit more hang time on knife edge and I think this is visble as well. It feels like my x2 now, just not as much power, but still plenty
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