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Default My bird will be dieting

Originally Posted by bmc76 View Post
I used ds76's and a ds76t for a loss of 26 grams.

4. trim servo wires (2 to 3 grams)
Really do love how the bird flys in the video.

I just flew my 250se converted to DFC with a microbeast the first time succesfully this past weekend (I bought it all from this site) as I said earlier mine will be going on a diet to shed some weight. 5 packs through it has the JR DS290G on the tail, with 100% Curve I have the tail holding pretty good at 60.5% gain with no wag. Just flying fast circuits and some hovering flips and rolls, I have not flew her inverted yet.

My question / comment bmc76 is that with all the trouble I have read about the tail and how a person really needs a MKS95i to control it I am amzaed you are using a ds76t on the tail with such great performance. Can you share what your tail setup is to get such great performance (ball distance from center, fins, anything special with grips, stock parts ect...)?

I can certanly see were some weight can be dropped by trimming the servo wires, plus it would sure clean things up a bunch. What is the acceptable method to shorten up the servo wires.
1. Is terminals available and the wires shortened with new terminals crimped on?
2. Would you open up the sevo, unsolder the connections, shorten them and then resolder them back on?
3. Or would cutting them in the middle to the desired length and soldering them back with some heatshink added be an acceptable practice?

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