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I used 4.5mm from center (stock is 5.5) tx gain is 48% in dx8
What remains to be seen is how well it will hold in fast backwards clockwise hurricanes, I expect it to hold just fine.
As far as setup I just use the golden rules, 90 the horn as close as possible, set slider perpindicular and fine tune length of control rod using rate mode, then set endpoints making sure to get full right rudder travel.
Look down the tail from the rear, visually line up the horn ball to the ball on the lever and work the rudder in both directions to make sure the push rod doesn't bind or have any hard bends in it.

Personally I will trim and resolder to the pcb's, but I'm, quite experienced and proficient with a soldering iron. You can buy new connecters and the crimping tool, but it's a little pricey.
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