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Originally Posted by Scream View Post
WOW! >><< (<-mind blown emote)

This is like a heli-tootsie pop! I wonder how many reads until I grasp these magical mixing spells! Bookmarked!!

Thanks for sharing!
You are welcome.

It's a subtle paradigm shift for most people. Paradigm being "a typical example or pattern of something; a pattern or model.". Paradigm shift being an adjustment on how you think of reality.

Some people get it first read, others take about 5 or more. Depends on how "locked" your preconceptions are.

Most people understand a normal linear mix Aux1 > Aux2 -50,+50 offset 0. As Aux1 changes from -100 to +100, a value from -50 to +50 is added to Aux2. But strange (magical) things seem to happen if + and - are different and offset is also moved. I just try to explain a little of the "magic", but it takes time to get your head around. (i.e. What happens to Aux2 with the mix Aux1 > Aux2 -50,+50 offset +50 when the Aux1 is -75. The answer is Aux2 = Aux2 + (125/100 * -50) = Aux2 - 62.5 {125 is how far -75 is from offset, ie -75+125 = 50 or 125 = 50-(-75))

Don't worry, once you "get" it. It will seem obvious. Then you too can do "magic" .
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