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Originally Posted by kb1846 View Post
H20Rower [P.52 pics] -- Great way to tidy the wiring. I am waiting on some H3020 servos to upgrade mine and will migrate it all to a new frame - original one not that old but probably suffered some strain from rotor strikes during a few landings. Is that large diameter heatshink you are using to hold the wires? I have copied the pics and will do the same. And is the CF tail boom more durable than the aluminium ones? - I have put various degrees of bends in three booms so far. Also love the metal fitout, but it is expensive.

The black material around the wires running down to the base/back of the heli is something I bought at my local hobby shop. I believe they called it spiral wire wrap. It's a hard plastic, not a heat shrink tubing material. It works nicely. It will conform to slight variances in wire bundle diameters. It can be purchased in different diameters and even different colors. I don't recall the size of my spiral wrap and no longer have the packaging. Just do a google search for "spiral wire wrap".

As for the CF boom, I honestly don't know how it compares to aluminum for durability. My guess would be that the stock aluminum is stronger. I've crashed with both and have replaced both. I know the CF is lighter and I prefer the look.

Good luck with your rebuild and new servos!
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