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Originally Posted by sideflyer View Post
Please help>

When I throttle up I can see the swash plate move dramatically and it just rolls the helicopter to the right. I have tried rebinding 20 times now. I have even created a new model on my DX7s and it still does the same thing.
I have a roomate with the exact same MCPX. Bought around the same time and his does the exact same thing. We are pulling our hair out trying to figure out why.

These are original MCPX. Not BL.

Both are Bind N fly version.

I read through the problems thread, but don't seem to find any answers.

thanks in advance.
Good idea from Stubbz. Also:

On the 300x (also flybarless but an AR200BX vs the AS3X system) that issue is symptomatic of vibrations causing the flybarless controller to react. Having said that, I've owned mCPxs from the V1, have had a lot of vibes at times, and have never personally seen this issue but sounds exactly the same as what can happen with the 300x. Nonetheless, try taking the main blades off and spooling up while watching the swash to see if it still tilts to the right? How about if you disconnect the tail motor? Remove the head also? Is your main gear somehow horribly out of round or not positioned properly on the shaft? Is your board screwed on tight? Not using any trim or subtrim, correct?

If none of this fixes it, it may be defective. I would call Horizon, they have really good customer service and perhaps you can send it in and get it fixed/replaced.

P.S. One other thought. After connecting the battery you are immediately setting it down for 5-6 seconds so it can initialize properly, correct? If you are moving it while it initializes strange things can happen. You want it sitting still until the blue light comes on solid, the blades twitch slightly, and you hear the servos start to work.
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