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thanks, i am putting some more work into it than normal, because it is to cold here to fly anyway. the crash destroyed quite a lot, which had to be replaced (incl. blades, canopy, swash, frame and so on - all none-stock servos survived though).

yes, this is the BD3SX, although it was already installed, when i crashed . the situation did not look like i would have had to push the button. i try to fly and clear situations, as if i had no BD3SX installed - it only makes me feel much more secure regarding visibility and orientation problems. and it works great. i sold all my smaller helies since i have it installed, because there is no need to fly smaller when a BD3SX is installed.

and yes, this is a custom version of the manucian. it was you, who told me about this canopy and the black main gears. thanks again for your support!
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