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Originally Posted by davidozzo View Post
hello, I don't know if this is the right thread... Anyway, I'm trying the beta version of Heli-X v5, on a Macbook Air. I can't use it, because the Z axis (tail control) isn't red from the software. The version 4.2 works well.
This is surprising as there are no alterations between v4.2 and v5 input controls.

When you calibrate Heli-X v5, does the rudder move any of the detected channels? Calibration is not only to detect the controller, but assign the primary 4 channels and their directions. (If you want 5th channel, you must activate it and ensure it is working fine in the controller configuration).

Originally Posted by davidozzo View Post
P.S. @ArchmageAU: thank you for your thread "From tail to tail...", I'm following it and after 2 weeks I'm already noticing improvements
Most welcome. Glad it helped/is helping you. I love to hear of peoples progress.
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