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Default NAZA M-Lite - IOC Never Turns On - HELP Needed

Hey guys - Has anyone had problems getting their Course Lock or Home Lock to wake up ? Mine works great in the software but is totally absent in flight.

Everything is calibrated and wired right, and there are no error codes or warnings of any kind. All I get is traditional model orientation, regardless or power up, time, distance, etc etc. Many tests over a three week period.

NOTE: The Flight Modes of GPS and ATTI work GREAT, very stable. Thankful for that!

I have a DJI F550 Hexacopter with the NAZA M-Lite and GPS. My 7-channel radio is a Futaba T7C in ACRO mode, with its (one) 3-position switch assigned to Flight Modes (Channel 5 - U).

For IOC, I'm using a 2-position switch; I've tried Home Lock and OFF, and Course Lock and OFF which is allowed per the Instruction Manual (Channel 7 - X2), and even tried different switches in case hardware was the problem. No switch tried is assigned to any other task. The Assistant software is definately set for intelligent mode and shows perfect positioning for the IOC function. All looks great there. But not in flight...not even a hint of it. Hey, things could be worse, but this function was a BIG reason for the purchase.

Has anyone else experienced this mysterious lack of IOC? What was the problem? What is the solution?

Thanks for any comments
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