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Originally Posted by jamesb72 View Post
Assuming you definitely saw the fast green flashes (Aeriallens: Yes, all perfect) to show Home position has been set I am guessing you trying this close in, I was confused by this too.

IOC will only switch on if you are a long way away, I think manual says 25Metres, so you need to fly away before switching into IOC, when you fly back it cuts out much closer, I would say 5Metres or so. If you go into HL and point nose in and hold back stick, it will come back to the edge of this distance then start 'rocking' back and forth as IOC cuts in and out, by that time you can clearly see the phantom so can switch IOC off and land normally.
Thanks, James - It's actually 10m and Home Lock that does that -- completely understood; Course Lock will come in much sooner and has no care about how far away you are in theory. In my case, there is nothing. Call it "NO LOCK." Ha.

Believe me, I have tried every combination of distance, of power-up name it, I have done it multiple times. As evidence, typically even 50m away (160+ feet), if you turn around the aircraft to face you at that distance (nose-in the aircraft after arrival at that distance, after taking off nose-out and flying away nose-out) then left stick is Right and right stick is Left, and forward stick is Toward you, etc. Just like a regular model with no IOC. In most tests, I orient the aircraft so that Course Lock and Home Lock would be essentially the same - fly away in the direction the nose is pointed.

Oh, and YES, the compass/GPS is definately pointing foward - Ha, I've checked the basics. Is it even possible that DJI has mounted the internals backwards in the GPS dome??

Oddly - considering neither C/L nor H/L works in controlling flight from the radio, NAZA does know where the take-off spot is; I've tried Failsafe and RTH, and these DO work! See why this is such a mystery?

Please keep the ideas coming. There has to be a simple solution.
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