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The receiver is the Futaba R617FS model which came with the 2.4GHz T7C radio. It works fine for flight modes, and should not have issues with IOC when controlled via Channel 7. Have you heard of any issues with Course Lock or Home Lock with this receiver???

My understanding is the only known issue with the Rx is unrelated to IOC:
NAZA Failsafe on signal loss when using ACRO mode is not available. Failsafe works well in my case because it is done by switch only, and my Channel 3 (Throttle) failsafe is set for just above 50%. (There is a solution to signal-loss Failsafe in this Forum that is considered very good, but I do not need all functions and lots of switch combos; just give me flight modes and either course lock or home lock using two switches - keep it simple).

Thanks for any input there. Having no Course Lock control is making me bonkers.
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