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Originally Posted by toys2cars2toys View Post
Does this mean that you get the alternating yellow/green to show that it is in IOC?
Good question. Thanks.

Yes, I do get the proper LED signals I think.
For example, if in GPS mode it goes like this (on a clear day):
Powerup then 3 quick GREENS,
Then 1 green and 3 REDS for a few seconds (getting satellites),
Then just GREEN slowly flashing.

So, it should go Yellow/Green? I'll go outside now and see for sure.....

....Okay, I just went out and flew 4 times (radio on/plug-in/powerup/GPS cycles) waiting for satellites and hovering, and trying C/L, and watching LEDs. Each time, the LEDs flashed as stated above, but in stationary hover I DID get that Yellow/Green signal in two flights. So 2 times had Yellow/Green and 2 other times had Green only.

This was at a distance of about 50 feet hovering, then each time I flew out an additional 50 feet. The nose was always out from take-off to distance. Turning nose-in, I still had NO Course Lock in all 4 cases.

In other words, whether it hovered with Yellow/Green or just Green only , it flew the same. Rock solid but no IOC.

So, any clues from this?
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