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Originally Posted by Aeriallens View Post
I mean this with respect, Toys2Cars2Toys, but I have covered all of that - to the point of sometimes repeating - in previous posts ... but the answers are yes except having to switch to IOC after taking off - NO - and NO - C/L should work if it is activated regardless of distance. Home Lock activated, yes you need the 10m. Course Lock activated, no, you do not need 10m or 10 cat whiskers -- if you are in GPS or ATTI, it is working after you have powered up for 30s (or should be).

That said - does anyone have a clue why I have have no IOC or what to try next?
No offence taken, it was clear that you had already tried so much, what I couldn't get from your posts was the combination/sequence used, for example I didn't see anywhere where you had explicitly said that you waited 30 secs after GPS lock. Sometimes it's good to go back to basics with a fresh pair of eyes.
I did realise that there is a difference in the start up sequence between CL and HL, my sequence was simplified to cover both
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