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Well, darn it, IOC STILL didn't work. I knew resetting EVERYTHING would do the trick...but it didn't. But at least I observed the flashes better and learned a few things.

Taking the above advice, I actually reset the Assistant settings and started fresh in my transmitter as well, as if new. Before that, I took the top plate off, checked all wiring, etc. Then of course set things up, recalibrated the IMU, went out and did the compass --- you know, the whole 9 yards.

Identical results. That is, NO results with IOC navigation. Paying close attention, I do indeed get the green flash acknowledgement at right about 30 seconds after power up, still on the ground. I know GPS and ATTI work -- they are so obvious like invisible cables in the sky. Love that.

Today, my 2-position switch was set up for C/L and OFF. In all but one case, I powered up with C/L on. Only once did I take off with it OFF, then back ON in hover.

Oh, no yellow flashes - just slow green after satellite acquision, then green flashes at about 30 sec, then slow green again. I was mainly in GPS and it flew more stable than ever.

That tells me the electronics are quite happy, but maybe something is "stuck" inside the NAZA? As an analogy, I recently had a jammed vent fan in our home heater (safety device, that wont let gas heater light up), but the wall control was pefectly content - it did not know the vent fan was not rotating - it only knew the little motor was ON. Does anyone know if there are ANY mechanical parts inside that little NAZA M box?

This is really getting to be a gigantic mystery. Help! Please keep suggestions coming.
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