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Default Re: NAZA M-Lite - IOC Never Turns On - HELP Needed

Originally Posted by Aeriallens View Post
Oh, no yellow flashes - just slow green after satellite acquision, then green flashes at about 30 sec, then slow green again. I was mainly in GPS and it flew more stable than ever.
You definitely need to be seeing yellow green green flashes when you switch IOC on, GPS should be green green, but switching IOC should show yellow green green.

When I setup my DX8/AR8000 I initially set these and software worked fine, but when I did a final check the servo output positions must have changed ever so slightly, as they were no longer registering, I had to tweak them all 1-2 %, this was true with both IOC and flight modes, for some bizarre reason the NAZA shows on software as a wide range for these settings, but is actually really fussy about the precise pulse widths to actually register. Once I reset these a 2nd time they have been fine for me since, so not sure why the initial values changed slightly.

I just checked my phantom on my dining room table (I'm next to a window so got a GPS lock to get fast green flashes to show home position recorded, but I get red red red as low GPS count warning but that can be ignored).

Just uploaded a youtube video to show this so its clear what is 'normal' when switching in and out of IOC. I have the new phantom with Naza V2, the Lite instructions (attached) show it still uses yellow/green to indicate IOC, so you need to see yellow/green flashes when you switch IOC on, and just green in GPS without IOC or its definitely not seeing the correct channel position for IOC.

It sounds like IOC is showing fine when you're plugged into PC, but I wonder if its very fussy about precise channel position so when you move away/outside its changing very slightly but enough you are not registering IOC.

You can check this outside on the ground with LED flashes, tweaking your ATV on IOC channel up and down until you get the yellow flash to confirm IOC is selected.

If you have the yellow green flash with IOC switch on, and still no IOC behaviour in flight then I'm stumped.

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