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Question 450 feels "weak"...

Hey all!

I have a 450S with the stock Align ESC and 430L motor. Stock 325 carbon blades. The batteries I use are Cellpro 3S1P 18C 2200mAh.

The head is setup to provide -11/+11 deg. pitch.

Throttle curves are:
0-60-80-90-100 (normal)
100-95-90-95-100 (idle-up)

Pitch curves are:
40-45-50-75-100 (normal)
0-25-50-75-100 (idle-up)

I'm using the smaller of the two pinions that came with the 450S kit. I believe it's 12 teeth...

I've did a little bit of inverted practice today and noticed at various times that especially upside-down I need a lot of pitch to keep the bird from loosing altitude. I'm very close to maximum negative pitch actually, which means I don't have much left to do a climb-out when I need it.

Conversely, when right-side-up, it also seems like the 450 is lacking "punch" when I go full stick... Also, I do manage to bog down the heli every once in a while and make the rotor speed drop quite a bit during various maneuvers.

Mind you, I'm a beginner pretty much and don't require 3D performance. All I'd like is have a heli that can bail me out when I get in trouble. Plus I like hovering inverted a lot so I'd like to be able to do it more comfortably.

Sooooooo... What can I do to improve the "peppiness" of my bird?

I'm hoping it's something with my setup.
I'd rather not buy any new components. The 450 should be able to handle light duty like this without any upgrades, no?

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