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Originally Posted by Inverted2112 View Post
After much reading, debating, and balancing price vs performance, I just put in 4 KST DS215M servos. $29 bucks a pop and they seem excellent quality for that price. First flights with them this evening. Those particular servos will all run with the stock ESC switched to 6v.

Regarding the diode, I used one of the Align step downs that plugs in right in line with the rudder servo and ran the stock ESC at 6v with no issues on the stock servos. Here's a link:

I'm going to run a dedicated BEC very soon when a new motor and ESC goes in, but that's probably overkill for this set-up.

I have 4 of those same servos on my 450 pro dfc, seem great so far. Do yourself a favor tho and unscrew the bottom of the servo and put a small piece of black tape along the bottom cover so you do not get any shorting internally. Havent crashed to see how well they hold up but i think there a great servo for the price.
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