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Originally Posted by Olaf06 View Post
Ugh ... still can't wrap my mind over this.

Can you please put it in a branched formula?

i.e., if x is of this value, this formula is applied, if X is of that value, that formula is applied.
Consider the mix (high)50, (low)-10, (offset)0.

For inputs:

The output ADJUSTMENTS are:

(these are the values you ADD to the output channels current value).

If we change the mix to: (high)50, (low)-10, (offset)50

The output ADJUSTMENTS are:

(we SUBTRACT 50 to the input value (-100 = -150!!!!, -50 = -100, 0 = -50, 50 = 0, 100 = 50), THEN apply the mix)

Therefore, for the master mix for the BD3SX (Ax3 > Ax2 (high)0% (low)-125% (offeset)100%):

If Aux3 was on the knob so it can vary from -100 to +100.

For input values:

The working adjusted values are:

Therefore the Mix adjustments to be added to Aux2 are:

(But since the Aux3 switch when assigned to the trainer is either +100(unpressed) or -100(pressed), the only 2 values we worry about are the 0 and -250 adjustments to the Aux2 channel.

These strings of values can be cut and pasted into a spreadsheet to create graphs if you need them. I have purposefully comma separated them.

Last test.

If you have the mix (high)+25 (low)+50 (offset)+38.
You have an input of +18
You have an output of +25
What is the actual output?
35 !!!! (Originally had 30, but Sonixs found the error)
Input of +18 (less offset of 38) is -20
-20 being less than 0 uses the low adjustment
-100/-20 = 0.2 (1/5)
Therefore 0.2 * +50 = 10. So the adjustment is +10. (originally had +25 for high side instead of the +50 which is low side)

25 +10 = 35!!

Sorry this is so confusing, but I have found no easy way of describing this is text (will need to dedicate time to diagrams and graphs to really explain it properly).
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