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Alright, I'm currently uploading the last flight before my personal drama started. Since then I have installed a new ESC, Scorpion -6 motor, and re-geared a set of stock servosMuch different feeling. Initial test hover involved some flapping noise towards the end (will try and upload that as well) so I landed and it turned out to be my tail fin hitting my main blades. I'm surprised it ended as well as it did. A closer look revealed the bottom screw slipped out due to the plastic hole it screws into breaking off. Not sure how that happened. Anyway. I have it benched until the new tail case comes in. Crappy weather around here anyway. Thinking of ordering an aftermarket motor mount for the Scorpion. Also, has anyone had any luck with aftermarket tail cases/assemblies, if they are available?

Can you turn a 450X belt drive into a torque tube? Has anyone tried? Is it possible? What are the pros/cons of one vs. the other?
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