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Default Different Sets of Calibration Instructions?

In posts 477 and 478 of the large RCGroups thread on the 180QX,

the posters mention receiving a similar but slightly different set of calibration instructions from Horizon Hobby. They were asked NOT to post the instructions (that they received) in forums (I think that Horizon Hobby is still working on finalizing the instructions). The instructions that they received may be better at dealing with drifting.

One possibility for these slightly different sets of instructions: Horizon Hobby support may have given different people (at different times) slightly different sets of instructions as they try to figure out which set of instructions will both work and be easy to follow.

LATER: Blade has released calibration instructions (actually 2 types of calibration):

Looking at it explains why the instructions here are not the same as the instructions mentioned in the RCGroups thread:
*the instructions here resemble the agility mode calibration instructions from Blade.

*the instructions mentioned in the RCGroups thread resemble the stability mode calibration instructions from Blade.

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