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As hinted in the above notes, I've built versions of the app from a single code base for other platforms and tested them on my own machines, however, I'm looking for a couple of guinea pigs for each platform to test installation in the wild, as I already have the required Java runtimes installed and need to see how each platform behaves if the runtime is not available and how much hassle it is to install if its not available.

The native versions that I need testing are

Tested on MacOS 10.7.4 locally

Currently tested on Ubuntu 12.4

Note these versions will require you to install a 1.6 or later Java runtime on your machine as its not included in the package as per the windows version.

If anyone would like to be a tester for either of these platforms let me know by PM.

Depending on how the testing goes, I may make these generally available in addition to the Windows version if there aren't too many issues encountered.

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