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Originally Posted by wab223 View Post
I am setting up a dx8. I have the same curves but when I flip into idle up the heli goes straight up. The monitor on the dx8 shows the pitch is not changing when I flip the switch (as I expected) but the heli acts like it has been given positive pitch.

I have tried toggleing the use 5 channels and ignore pitch curves but the behaviour is the same. When I look in the Helix-x controller configuration and flip idle up I do infact see the the collective pitch green bar jump up. I have both collective pitch and engine speed set to stick throttle. I do not have z axis used for anything.

I would really like to get this working and buy heli x as I much prefer the provided perspective of the heli in this sim as compared to Phoenix.

Not sure how I can tell if it is my USB cables causing this problem. They are both older hobby kings cables and may not be the standard FMS type cable that for instance Heli direct sells.

Any and all ideas appreciated.
In Heli-X (and most sims) you can set which recieved channel controls which input.

Frist check the monitor screen on your TX. If you have a flat throttle curve (all 100) and a linear pitch curve (0-100), when you vary the throttle stick the PIT channel should vary from -100 to +100. Then you hit TH, the THR channel should drop from +100 to -100.

When you connect to your sim, you should be able to see the channel values varying as you move the sticks. Assuming you have calibrated correctly, find the channel that varies from -100 to +100 as you move the throttle stick. Assign this channel to Collective (or pitch). Now find the channel that changes when you flick TH on and off. Assign this to Throttle.

This should do it.

Hope it helps.
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