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I am sure it is something in the radio.
I took out the aerospire and installed my throttle jockey this last weekend and could not get it to work at all.
The lights change to green when I go into idle up or above 30% throttle like they are supposed to.
The gov menu did nothing, only my curves worked. If I had a flat 100 then that is what I got, if I had a flat 100 in the throttle curve and the gov was set at say 65% then I still got 100% throttle. I plugged a servo into channel 7 and it moved according to the different settings in the gov menu and if I raised or lowered the gains in the gov menu the servo moved with the change in numbers.
When I had the aerospire in it was like idle up 1 did not exist. I have installed 2 of these for other people with futaba 14sg's and they work perfectly, and the settings are the same as in my Futaba 10C.
In the servo menu you can see that the channel is working right. I have even tried doing a program mix and still nothing. This weekend I even created a new model, set up everything new and still had the exact same issues.
I know I am missing something, I just wish I could figure it out..
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