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Argh! On a 48 hour work marathon and barely a minute to spare and I'm exhausted.

At any rate, thanks for the replies and suggestions. I've made a few play cuts and goofed around with my new toy for a few minutes here and there and think it's going to work out well once I get the hang of the settings.

I did talk to a guy at US Cutter that wanted me to use something else that I had read on an airbrush forum was unacceptable. One of his issues was the type of paints I use. Mostly, I am using Auto-Air and Wicked but I do have half a dozen or so solvent based colors from X-Otic that I also like to use for their shiny metallic qualities. Any problems here with the 810? I did just order 10 yds of it.

Also found a place ( with some single sheets of fun 12x12 and 12x24 vinyls so bought two types of carbon fibre, some chrome metallics in silver, gold, black and fluorescent pink and a silver mini-diamond plate. Picked up a few single sheet colors and two type of transfer tape too. Not all necessarily for heli painting but maybe a flourish here and there? Who knows?

It looks like some trial and error and probably screwing a few things up before I learn what works for me is inevitable? Sort of like my heli flying and crashing over and over.

The good news I already have a ton of heli type vector logos that I've created or gathered for making waterslide decals (samples below) and am kind of a semi-pro with CorelDraw and can export cuttable DXF's so I'm a little ahead of the game on that front and should be able to make a mask or two from things I already have. Granted, not for the little stuff though. The bad news is I'm so busy for work I don't know when I'm going to have the time to actually get down to painting? Heck, I bought a new mini detail gun from TCP Global for shooting my urethane clearcoat three + months ago and haven't even tried it yet. It's much better than my old one and until I started writing this, almost forgot I had it. My boss is a slave driver!

Thanks again for the feedback.

--Elisabeth (self-employed)

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