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Originally Posted by i812 View Post
As described in the below post from RCG, I think the 5% Deoxit F5 product may be more appropriate than the D5 product for cleaning dirty Blade Linear Servos:
Thanks for the post. The link to the CAIG tech bulletin is a good reference. In the past, I've joked that CAIG is one of those companies that seems to have a motto of "when in doubt, put out another product"!

I sidestepped the D-vs-F question by just saying "the generally recommended cleaner is DeoxIT D5", since that's what the majority of people here use and will say. But it is correct that the servo resistive strip is essentially the same thing as a fader control like those found in audio equipment, although I don't know that it is a conductive plastic.

It could be that in many cases, either product will work. In worst case scenarios, D5 will have a stronger cleaning effect in removing oxidation. At least this is what is implied in the data sheet for F5 where it says "...there may be metal materials involved with the contact or control. On these metal surfaces that have been in service or have visual signs of oxidation or corrosion pre-treat with DeoxIT D-Series". There is of course metal involved in the contact wipers on the servo. The adjacent parallel strip for contact pick-up is metal, and here we'll have a metal-on-metal wiper. And the servos are likely exposed to a more severe service environment than typical fader controls. So, maybe we're best off using both products, which has in fact been suggested in at least one thread. I'm sure CAIG sales & marketing would like that.

Ultimately, this falls into the bucket of an individual having to choose what they want to use. If that works, you keep using it. When it lets you down, you move on to something else.
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