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Default Getting started with a vinyl cutter?

Originally Posted by EKron View Post

I would like to try cutting some vinyl for paint masks but am not quite sure how to get started or what I want to do? I have found this thread that answered some of my questions about what kind of vinyl to use so I'll be ordering some.

Here's some of my previous efforts:

So, what can I do with some plotter cut vinyl? Got any do's or don'ts? Could someone share some examples of the types of things that are are good to cut or even share a file I can look at? I've got a few stencils from Air Sick but want to make my own.

Everything I've done before has been done with tape and I've got four new primed and prepped canopies ready to start on. This has been an unexpected side hobby that I enjoy as much as working on and flying my helis.

Thanks for your suggestions,


I love the look of the two helis side by side. Amazing work. totally reminds me of the boats I've designed and built! Actually my helmets and bikes I've done all share a similar look.

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