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Originally Posted by Send Money View Post
Why are so many items shown as out of stock, and stay that way for months and years? Why are some items very inexpensive and others are ridiculously overpriced? Why don't they accept paypal? Why are there several companies with different names but with the same address and phone number?
Item out of stock, for people whom want visiting again/back to there site, why not change? Well only reason is when people do searching some of that might pop up. Same thing as low $$. People more likely visit back again for something low. Everything they did more likely to web trafficing searching method. Why not paypal? Fees, I kinda feels unsafe. Like they want identity and your cash only. Chat/call support man this bs, took them more then 2 hours to reach. Sure is scam site but sure in smart way.
To me web like that on my black list.
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