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Its a bit of an open question, there are prolly thousands of servo's that will work and you prolly wont notice the difference in flight between any of them.
So it comes down to budget and style.
Min specs you would want are something like 12kg torque and 0.10deg/sec.
Anything greater than that is better, but not needed.

All metal cases are better in crashes as are all metal gear trains, but you pay more for such features.

HV is the best way to go for simplicity and reliability - 2S lipo powering everything and you are good, no devices to fail, no need to worry about brown outs etc.

Another thing to look at is power consumption, some servo's are very hungry, others are very efficient.
Eg, Outrage torq = 1.5A average, 12A peak, Align BL700 = 3A average, 25A peak.

I use outrage torq's on all my 700+'s, never stripped a gear or broke a case in a crash, never had an inflight failure, I have over 20 of them in use right now and I wont hesitate to get more, $100 each on black Friday sales makes them very affordable too.

PS. The head block in your g4.1 kit, does it have "G4 Raptor" printed on it or is it blank?
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