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Originally Posted by petertha View Post
Really nice work!
- What make/model of cutter did you eventually settle on?
I wasn't expecting much after considering several $400 - $700 models from US Cutter but ended up buying "just" a craft grade cutter, the Silhouette Cameo for about $269. I have been more than pleased with the results though.

From various sources, I purchased a variety of vinyl.

I got some foil and other specialty types too.

The patterns on these carbon fibre ones are awesome. Don't know what I'll use them for yet but they're impressive.

And I got some reflective/holographic sheets to make blade decals.

The rolls were 12" x 5 yards and I got some in 24" width that I split in half. I should be set for vinyl for a while. Heck, I haven't even tried cutting some paint mask yet which is why I got the machine in the first place.

Originally Posted by petertha View Post
- I'm wondering how you made some of those intricate background shapes like the honeycomb pattern without typical vinyl stencils, or did you have it by then already?
Yeah, I had purchased a few stencils from and what started me down the path of wanting to cut my own stuff

Originally Posted by petertha View Post
- I'm interested in your water decal comment, do you have a favourite source or vendor? (I assume you upload a graphic image or something?)
Oh no no! With the special decal paper, you print out your graphics on your ink jet printer then spray them with clear spray paint. You soak them in water a bit and they work just like the decals that come with plastic model kits. Testor's makes small packages of clear and white paper and their own clear spray but it's kind of expensive for what you get. For $24 bucks, you can get 25 sheets of 8.5 x 11' paper from and use Krylon acrylic clear for the covering and it works every bit as good as the Testor's brand paper and spray. If you've got a decent ink jet, you can make some really detailed high quality stuff. I prefer to use the paper with a clear background but the decals aren't very opaque and don't cover well but the white background solves that problem as long as what you put them on is white.

Originally Posted by petertha View Post
- Looks like this is a neat side business, but if you ever wanted to photo document a typical spray job sequence, there would be a lot of interested followers I'm sure.
Maybe, if I ever get some friggin' free time. I've still been working crazy day and night hours and have 4 canopies all prepped and primed I haven't started on yet. Been playing with my cutter too much, have a new 450 I've been trying to finish building for 3 months, a new head on my other 450 I need to do the setup on and 3 new lipos I need to solder connectors on and my house is a mess. I love this hobby and the side hobbies that have been spawned from it but time has been my biggest obstacle lately.

Sorry to ramble. Got lots to do so back to it...

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