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Default Spektrum TX Teflon Smooth Throttle Mod

Tired of greasing and re-greasing that sticky spektrum throttle? A guy that I've flown with (and is a member here) showed me this ultimate mod to smooth out my throttle stick, and say goodbye to grease.

This mod for sure works on DX6i, DX7s, DX8, DX9, and maybe others. Maybe any TX with a metal friction strap?

You'll need some teflon cloth or sheeting, basically it's a really thin sheet of teflon. It can be found on ebay, but I got mine from my buddy at the field. You'll also need a heat gun and heat shrink.

1. Take the TX back off and remove the metal friction strip on the throttle stick. Clean off any grease from the gimbal and strip.

2. Cut a strip of teflon cloth the same width as the smooth side of the strip. I've actually found that putting 3 layers helps to get the right tension for me, but feel free to experiment here.

3. Cut two small pieces of heat shrink tube to attach the strips of teflon to the strap. See pics. Just make sure it's not long enough to hit the plastic on the gimbal.

4. Put the strap back on and adjust tension to your liking.

Simple as that! I found that with only one layer of teflon, the throttle was too smooth, even tightened all the way down. Three layers did the trick for me.

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