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Default Version 2.7 Windows and MAC

Version 2.7 Available here :-

This version contains minor fixes to the Windows Version and is the first public release of the MAC version.

It should be noted that the Mac version will require you to have a Java Runtime 1.6 or higher installed, as it is not included as part of the install process as per the Windows version.


No major updates.

New Functionality

1. Fixed problem where if a model had no telemetry data in the file the app terminated.
2. Fixed problem where option to export KML data for google earth remained active for models with no GPS data, if a model with GPS data had previously been opened.
3. Fixed problem with Max altitude not being displayed if units are Imperial.


This is the first public release of the MAC version, it is based on the same code as the Windows version, so it is functionally equivilent. It should be noted that the only difference you will notice is the App name in the Menu will be SWT instead of Telementry Reader.

To install the app :-

1. Download the zip file and open it, which should mount the disk image.
2. Drag the App to Desktop or location of your choice.
3. Open the App.

If app fails to open, you probably don't have a Java runtime installed and will be prompted to install Java.
If you are not prompted to Install Java automatically, Open a terminal Window and type Java and hit enter, at which point you should be prompted to install Java.

After Java is installed run the app.

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