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We now have 2 variations for the Augusta A109.
One is a 'grey' scheme - was aiming at an Airwolf look...

And the other is a blue scheme, this is based on a Bell222 HeliArtist fuselage I am currently building.
I have requested the Bell222 with Phoenix, but in the mean time, thought this would be good to practise on, and it has retracting landing gear.

Download the grey one

And the blue one...

Download from here -

I have to say many many many thanks to "seaky" for his fine work in getting this in Phoenix as a new model, rather than replacement for the existing one.

"seaky" you are a genius.... and many thanks for your work.

To use these, extract to:
C:\<PhoenixRC install>\resources\objects\aircraft\helicopters\sc ale\

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