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I went to the facebook site and as I suspected , its mikes page no doubt about it! when I .. yes I left mikes team epic, he banned me from posting on his page, if this new page was not and is not his , then tell me why can I not post anything there? ... I'll tell you why, its because mike is still behind this and MD is flying under the radar so to speak by selling the MD brand and not the Epic name. Sam if this is true then I say shame on you and your company for dealing with this man AGAIN!
IF a company [arts ways with someone why would they continue to use that persons FB page and likeness? The MDUSA page is mikes page, his advertisement for multirotors is on it, his mug with the epic mains is on it, his posts are on it. Man this is so wrong on every level! I may seem like I have a personal issue with mike, but believe me folks, Im here to prevent this cat from ripping off someone again, and I will make it my personal quest to shut this cat down for good! I hate a thief and a liar!
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