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Jessie> I seen that and you may be correct, Im hoping so. Thing is if you have followed mike and his business tactics you wouldn't be surprised and not help but being a little stand off'ish so to speak. Mike has in the past represented himself in the third person on this and other forums, he made it clear to the other team members that we not use our team signatures yet post how wonderful the heli was! This came directly from him. Mike posted on here and other forums as a Epic rep and not himself as the epic website manager, he would post as the epic admin, reason was that he himself didnt want those who were in the know, to find out it was he who was behind the Epic heli brand knowing if this got out it would fail fast! Im going to contact Sam @ MD helis and get the word from him, I have said in the past I really liked this heli and would fly one again BUT.. as long as mike is in the picture I would never go near one again!
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