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I, too, e-mailed Phoenix last night. Within an hour, they had replied requesting some logs. We exchanged several e-mails before I went to bed, where they provided patched files for the simulator and requested logs back. I turned around one more log file before work this morning, and a few hours ago they sent me a new patch that fixed the issue. Wow!

They also said that this correction will be included in the next automatic update, which I believe will be 5.0.d. Given that they have already released 2 updates within a few days, I expect that this will be released within a day or two.

I have to say that this is the best software support I have received in a very long time. Well done Phoenix! Of course it can be argued that this bug should have never made it into a release in the first place, but being a software developer myself I also appreciate that 100% test coverage is impossible ;-)
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