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Default What did you do with your Blade 500x / 500 3D today?

I noticed that there's one of these on most of the Blade sub-forums, but not here... and instead of posting in other topics about this, I guess we should have one of our own!

Today, I decided to try out some of the $14 430mm Revolution FB blades on my 500x!

I ran 5 packs today for a total of a little over 32 minutes of flight time. What did I find out?

Well, the difference between the 430mm Revolution FB and FBL blades is much more significant than the difference between the 325mm Align FB and FBL blades on the 450x... (325F and 325D). On the 450x, I could barely tell the difference. On the 500x, the difference was very noticeable. Of course this is comparing apples to oranges, but still worth noting.

The FB blades spool up much more quickly... probably due to being both lighter and having the CG shifted towards the rotor head. I'm fairly certain that my head speed was higher, it certainly sounded like it. Different and much more blade fart.

They flew just fine, though it felt like cyclic response was significantly improved. I have my rate set at 70%, it felt a bit more responsive than the FBL blades at 100%. It's possible that it's making the FBL unit work harder... I noticed my tail didn't feel like it was holding as well. I've put off making BX adjustments because it almost seemed unnecessary, but the FB blades will push me to fine tune my BX.

The FBL blades are more stable. And more docile. It doesn't feel like a 3D beast with them at 70% rates. The FB blades do feel like they'll be great for 3D. Very responsive, faster head speed. Even more precise. All in all, they definitely feel like different blades. It took a few packs getting used to them, but I'll leave them on for the time being... until my new packs arrive and then I'll switch back to see how I like them compared to the FBL.

On average, for the same flight timer, I'm putting 250mah less back into the batteries. So, they might be pushing the FBL harder, but it's working the battery less. This is for 6:30-7:00 of flight time per battery on the stock Eflite 2900mah 30c batteries. I have two Pulse 3000mah 45c batteries on the way, so I'll try both sets on these new batteries when they arrive.

I received a 12t pinion and metal tail servo brackets... I'll probably install them tomorrow!

Anyway, proof is in the pudding or whatever...

So what did YOU do with your B500X/3D today?
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