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Originally Posted by Rafael Gomez View Post
Hi Kevin,

First, great your help man!!!
Kevin I want to consult to you one problem I am having with my pitch servo.
Suddenly this servo has remained stuck to its lowest position, after I did I flight and sometimes the servo recovers its movement only when I begin to spool up the throttle, but not always the servo moves, it is more the time it remains stuck. Now, if I manually try to rotate its pinion to one way, it moves the actuator totally to upper position and when I rotate the pinion to the opposite way, the actuator returns to lowest position totally and remains all the time stuck. If I move the stick on my Tx, nothing happens with this servo, it remains dead.
Another anomaly it is happening, since the pitch servo problem came, with the throttle up, if I move the aileron and elevator stick, the others servos including the tail, rarely obey or respond with a huge delay or their movements are erratics. Do you think this problem is causing due the problem of the pitch servo or could it be a Rx malfunction?
I Already performed a rebind and it still remains the same
And for the last worst situation, yesterday, I uninstalled the pitch servo and looking for some cold solder point, back on the circuit, accidentally I touched two adjacent points coming from the feeding wires with a tiny screwdriver, and it did a little spark and I think I fried definitely the Rx, now, no servos movements occur moving the Txs sticks, only the throttle works fine. Do you think the same?
Probably I will be buying a new Rx and one cyclic servo.......what more.......
Thanks Kevin and I would like to hear something from you about my troubles.

Last things first... Throttle working fine with no servo control is a sure sign of a damaged BEC output on the 3-in-1. If you want to consider a repair, this is something someone like can do for you at a cheaper cost than replacing the 3-in-1. And you'll end up with a more robust BEC output transistor than with a new 3-in-1 anyway.

On the servo problem, it's hard to say. You could try a good servo cleaning, but a new servo may be in order.
Kevin B.
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