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Originally Posted by xenophobe View Post
Today it was raining... the sky cleared a bit for a few minutes... I flew half a pack until gusts started hitting 20-25mph-ish. I didn't like my heli being pushed around and seeing the FBL trying to compensate so I brought it right back down.

Got two new Pulse batteries today. Will probably install the metal tail servo bracket and the tail spacers to tighten up the play that has developed while breaking in.

Thanks! I was wondering what they flew like on this heli. I wasn't sure, so had to try it myself.

I switched back to the FBL blades and will try the 12t pinion. I have no idea how it's going to fly, but I'll check it out and report back.

Thanks I would like to know. I am going to pick up a 12T today if I get time.
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