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Originally Posted by sp00fman View Post
Nice write-up!

Good to hear you liked the build. I also loved how straight forward and easy it all fits together.
I do not see why the tailbox would be problematic, but i feel it is a bad idea to fit it loosely. Mine snapes together fine and i could push the tailshaft through the bearings without resistance, so its confirmed it all lines up. It was actually a little too wide and put an extra shim om the tailshaft to give a slight pre-tension outward on the tailshaft bearings.
I assume you will spool up without mains to make sure it runs vibration free?.

You seem impressed now...lets see your reaction when you fly it... hehe

I spun it up on my bench without the mains and it was smooth as silk. It was so unusually quiet it was almost not scary (like it should be, lol).

I got to hover it out front last week on a warm day but I'll have to wait for winter to break to get some real flight time on it. I was VERY impressed with the initial hover!

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