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Originally Posted by dr dremel View Post
Very nice build summary, lots of updated info This thread begs to be a sticky with all the links to further discussions, would be very useful for those interested/new to the Mini Protos!

Small additions: For easier canopy removal/attachment you can smear a little silicone/oil on the posts. I also glued the rubber grommets in the canopy so they do not deform during install. Further more I would recommend to coat the ears of the canopy (from the inside) with a thin layer of epoxy or similar to prevent cracking. (ignore if you already did this, pics are not showing for me?)

Re: motor disconnect for safety: Instead of disconnecting the motor leads I just remove the belt from the pinion. If you slide the belt down from the maingear there should be enough slack. One of the nice details IMHO, no pinion mesh to mess up. Consequently I have buried my motor cables neatly under the esc.

Looking forward to your flight report!
Thanks for the updates. I went into my first post and added that great info. Great idea with the belt, and no I had not done the grommet work on the canopy. I will now! I will also stick the thread.

Originally Posted by DCflyer View Post
Love your build threads Rick. Great work as always.
Thanks DCflyer. I appreciate the nice words. I enjoy doing the build reports. Thinking about what I plan to write always helps me do a better build.

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