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Default Post pics of your Blade 450X

Originally Posted by KiloXray View Post
What is the orange heli with the align blades?
Only one of the best and overlooked 450's made!(IMO) a Dragonus 450 made by RCER.
It's an older heli but great! The only problem is parts availability. No US distributor carries parts anymore so you have to order from the manufacture. Shipping sucks so I just order a bunch at a time.
This heli is SO smooth and super quiet!!! I get complements on her at every flying field. She's my go-to bird and have had her for over 5 years. Don't think I'll ever get rid of it. It's equipped with;
-Scorpion 2221-8
-CC Ice lite 50
-Robird g31 FBL Unit
-RJX FBL head

Rock Solid!!!
I love gyros!!! They're yummy!!!
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