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Default Download keeps stopping

This is annoying as heck. Last night I was well into part 2 of 4 in the version 5 download and a note popped up saying that the download had failed and asked me if I want to retry, I said yes and it started and stopped many times after that. I figured I would wait until today and try again and the same thing, I get well into the 2nd part of the update and their servers time out or something like that. I am not downloading the video part. Here is the kicker for me, every time I have to re do this download I have to re-download the first part at 43565kb every time, I only have a 50 gig limit with my ISP so having to re-download the same file over and over again really eats into the data im allowed. Not to mention my time as I now have to babysit the download in case it stops and needs re starting again and again. Why the heck cant Phoenix put the files that have been downloaded already during a multi part download into a file and keep it so if you have to re download due to their servers being busy then at least you could continue from were you left off. My download speed is plenty fast but I do get tired of downloading something that I just did 10 mins ago I never had this problem going from 3 to 4 that's for sure. When I clicked on the support tab it takes me to the Horizon page with that stupid pre question pop up section so there was basically no help there. How is it some of you folks are able to email Phoenix, I cant find a way to contact them other than through Horizon and that was going no where fast.
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