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Originally Posted by spanky17 View Post
How is it some of you folks are able to email Phoenix, I cant find a way to contact them other than through Horizon and that was going no where fast.
Let me start off by saying that I don't recommend updating to v5 yet. It is still full of bugs, and some features that are in v4 either don't work, or have been (temporarily) removed. The only noticeable difference between v4 and v5 as of today (March 2, 2014) is that planes and helis behave "differently". "Different" does not necessarily mean "better"

Considering your band width situation, if v5 does not work on your computer, or you hate it (which is not uncommon), you'll end up uninstalling and reinstalling from CD, if you're lucky and have a very recent CD, you may start out as high as 4.0.i but you'll still need to download five v4 updates just to get back to v4.0.s, which presumably is where you are right now. If you only have v2.5 on CD, you're looking at well over 1GB worth of updates to get back to v4.0.s. You've been sufficiently informed... do whatever you think will make you the happiest.

Phoenix support email - [email protected]
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