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Hi flyul1, Hi mr008

I do not know the cost yet. I will have to buy some machine-time and see how my friend and I get ahead and what costs per gear will be.

First we will try with the -17 in nylon to be able to estimate the costs for the -18 in steel and do a testrun.

Both bevels in steel would transmit the shock of a crash to the maingear, which I think is not a good idea, or one of the steel-bevels would break which is expensive. One steel-blank is about 8 to 9 times a nylon-blank, manufacturing not included.

As jharkin said, the -17 in nylon could be done by a somewhat skilled hand too if all else fails and the -18 in steel would last a long time when combined with a -17 nylon that does the breaking in crashes. I think this combination would keep everybody flying for some time to come.

Kind regards
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