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Originally Posted by dr dremel View Post
Congrats Rick, sounds like you like it!

Re head gain: I also run relatively high gain to get the heli to feel "locked in" as far as possible. When itīs too high I get a wobble during tic tocs (cyclic direction change feels delayed) and overall the cyclic feels weird. Hard to describe, it felt over-precise.

Mind you, this was with the Microbeast, with the VBar my gain is nearly at max, no wobbles.

One if not the only downside of the noise (are lack of): Itīs easy to forget that the heli will still hurt you. Be safe!

Originally Posted by baui2000 View Post
Nice, I'm glad you like your new machine!

You can check for too high of a gain as dr dremel describes, but BD setup is a bit different than other FBLs.

There's a limit when gain increase doesn't do any good and only heats up your servos. You can check for this by flying forward real fast and pitch pump. Increase your gain until you can't see a change in dolphin movement of the heli. Then it's just a matter of setting up your attitude hold range (too little - heli feels mushy on the sticks; too much - you will fight the FBL) and aileron gain on the rigid tab of the BD software. If it still wobbles in tic tocs, do tail down and side on tic tocs and set up your elevator and aileron gains respectively.
Look into stickies in the BD forum. You will find a good starting setup for 450 there if you already haven't
Thanks much. If this weather ever breaks, I'll dial it in.
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