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I'm on Win7 x64

Just bought V5 today and same thing happened to me. 5.0a worked no problem, when I went to update the download just hangs. So went to Phoenix website, manually downloaded the files a-> L then L-M.

I then clicked "advanced" button and "Install an update", selected the a->l and that went thru ok, then did the same procedure to install L->M and that went thru ok.

Then tried to run the sim, kept crashing, found if I went back into "Advanced" and then safe mode, the sim booted and after exiting tried to go in normally "Start Phoenix R/C" and all is well.

Now as for configuring my DX8, well not so much . Getting there, all works but IU switch.
I'm going to have to check that out because after I uploaded everything I noticed a few days after I tried doing a airplane and it kept shutting down. I'm going to try that method see if it works
Crash to learn.
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