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I ended up updating my TX to ver. 3.01 (was 2.04) from

Using DX8 found that I need two new models, 1 for heli, 1 for Aero in the TX.

In the SIM I also need 2 custom transmitters profiles if I want all switches and modes to work properly for heli and aero respectively. A bit of a pain to switch between the 2 in the same session, but hey no different than real life .

Also found it easier to copy my 550E(Real Model) to a new HeliSim model. Issue I had with no IU previously was when I created a NEW model my pitch and throttle curves were identical for IU0, 1 and 2 (duh)

So far after about 2 hours of flying, I am quite pleased with the sim

Happy Flying!
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