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Default Version 3.0

Version 3.0 Available

This version is a fairly major update internally to add a custom graph option and Vario support.

The custom graph combines all graphs for existing data into a single graph and then the filters can be used to select which item should or shouldn't be displayed. This process is dynamic accross the graphs, so whichever items are selected in individual graphs will be displayed on the custom graph and selections on the custom graph will be carried back to individual graphs.

For example if you view the Standard Telemetry and deselect Voltage and temperature, then select Custom only the RPM will be displayed from Standard Telemetry along with any other data from other graphs. If you then select Voltage on the custom screen and then go back to the Standard Telemetry graph Voltage will also now be displayed with RPM.


New Functionality
1. Custom graphs
2. Vario Support

No fixes

Windows Version :-

MAC Version :-

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