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Hi n808,
Originally Posted by n808 View Post
...EDIT: I was able to resolve the problem:
Step 1) system restore to before installing 5.3 drivers. This changed driver ?-mark to !-mark in Device Manager.
Step 2) Then I manually updated drivers, but instead of being "smarter than windows" and pointing to the 'x86' driver subfolder (32-bit system) I just pointed to the top level 4_0Stabi folder. Then Windows was able to find and install the driver. I also installed version 5.3 software, as I plan to upgrade at least one of my systems to 5.3 Pro, and both 4.0 and 5.3 software versions could now see my Vbars.
Thanks also to Rainer who personally replied to my mail to Mikado!
Thank You so much for saving a lot of my spare time. Your description (choosing the main Folder instead any subfolder containing the usb Driver) of installing VBAR 5.3 has worked fine on my Computer running W8.1
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